What is a building surveyor?

Building surveyors are experts in a range of building legislation, technical codes and construction standards, in particular the Building Code of Australia.

The main role of a building surveyor is to certify building plans and structures in accordance with building legislation to ensure that buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient. In some cases, a building surveyor may be involved in the early stages of project planning because of their ability to diagnose problems with design and materials.

What qualifications/experience do I need to become a building surveyor?

All building surveyors must be licensed by the appropriate State or Territory authority. In the ACT, the minimum requirement is that you hold accreditation as a building surveyor by the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS), and in some circumstances, registration by the Institution of Engineers Australia in the area of practice of "principal certifier-building (ACT)". Click here for more information on the qualifications required to gain accreditation with the AIBS.